Practice Area

As a professional group, Royston is capable of assisting clients in multiple sectors on matters of critical importance to domestic and corporate clients, with specialist teams handling national and regional governance. Here we briefly introduce each module and can provide a more detailed profile on each at client’s request.

Companies all over the world seeking entry into the exciting and highly potential Indonesian market may consider a variety of methods available including trading, representation, agency, joint venture and others. Royston can provide a full political, social and business risk analysis plus important insights into competition and regulation to give potential investors a definitive edge when the entry procedure starts. Due diligence is so often considered as fiscal and/or legal assessment only but for a full profile and risk assessment many other departments need to be included – profiles of potential partners and/or competitors, identification of regulators and key government agencies, geo-social situation in potential locations of operation, human resources availability, experience and costs. Complete data pre-decision allows unfettered and accurate outcome.

Royston has long experience in these important areas through its established HQ team of experts supported with its nationwide network of affiliates from the political, social, Governmental, academic and media worlds to build and maintain a compatible and supportive community to avoid problems rather than try and resolve these problems after they have happened. The huge labyrinth of regulations the corporate world now faces needs professional assistance, an area in which Royston has developed an acknowledged team of experts in Jakarta supported by its nationwide network to help corporate clients, domestic and international, find and benefit from the legitimate route through the maze. It navigates through the intricacies of the variety of legislative and executive branches with polished understanding of the interplay between them. In crisis management, the first step for all corporate is a deep and coordinated profile of both internal and external factors which have the potential to cultivate a crisis at some time in the future. With the assistance of Royston’s multilateral expertise, programs need to be developed and kept ready and updated for an immediate corporate reaction at the first signs of such a crisis.

Strategic Communications - Communications in its myriad of formats is an essence of relaying your message correctly and beneficially to the public at large or to selected targeted groups of people to achieve pre-determined results. Methods can involve public works in all sections of this complex and vital business tool, from print and electronic media, on-line social media. Our reach is global and clearly defined. Royston also has facilities to train company management in dealing with the press, preparation of appropriate materials and stage managing public events to support the written and spoken words. Royston also has a long experience in CSR and sustainability, media relations, and investor relations. Royston launched its proprietary media analytic instrument that enables Royston’s clients to monitor, extract, and analyze daily-updated publicity from over 200 media consisting national and local print and online media, TV and radio stations, which provides an actionable insight in a form of competitive intelligence and early warning system related to issue and crisis mitigation.

Litigation Communications - The objective of this campaign is to ensure that the client receives a fair trial based on absolute facts, truth and merits. Litigation strategy also ascertains the deterrence of any possibilities for the counterpart to conduct black campaigns against the client and prevent miscarriage of justice and protects client’s reputation to reach achieve best result during the first IPOs. The process includes witness identification and profiling, witness outreach, communications training, intelligence gathering, and regulatory monitoring. To achieve an effective litigation communication, Royston also involves an end to end approach from pre to post trial, stakeholder engagement, and other necessary communication training for clients and relevant third parties.