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Doing Business In Indonesia

Doing Business In Indonesia

Indonesia is an endemically complex society, the 4lh most populous nation, approaching 250 millions people spread over 17,000 islands in the world's largest archipelago. It is also home to a multiplicity and its slow but moving acceptance of democracy, the country offers untold investment opportunities in wide variety of sectors; notably natural resources from oil and gas, mining, plantations, timber, textiles, manufacturing, financial services, and tourism.

As anywhere in the world new investors urgently need an in-depth understanding of social. legal and political structure of the country before making decision to enter the market. This includes various strategies on available potentials, parties with whom to work with and suitable location for onsideration. This is exactly where our expertise, proven analytical research, political and corporate contacts, as well as nationwide associates are essential to avoid wrong and often irreparable decisions allowing investors a successful entry into new territory.

Critical to business success in every sector is a clear definition by the company of its stakeholders, not just obvious. Having identified them, we then must understand their nature and the impact towards our company on its immediate neighborhood. This knowledge is important to foretell potential local problems and collate suitable programs to prevent ongoing and potentially disruptive problems.

Royston has deep experience in these critical fields, not only advising and creating specific programs but then being on 24n alert to guide and assist our clients through any troublesome situations, with the cooperation of our national networks, including opinion leaders, local and national political leaders, parliamentarians, academicians and NGOs.


affan alamudi

managing partner

Affan co-founded Royston Advisory in May 2008 after leaving his position as Director for investment consulting and public affairs for a Washington,D.C. based lobbying and public affairs firm. Affan leads numerous public affairs, investment consulting, litigation support and economic research and analysis projects. In addition to this he is curently serving as Senior Advisor to the Minister of Industry of the Republic of Indonesia.

As a consultant, Affan has advised clients from various industries, ranging from the extractive industries, fast moving consumer goods, telecommunications and the financial sector. His work also led him to act as advisor for various government institutions, mostly on strategic communication issues.

Affan is a Chevening Awards Scholar, received in 2000 from the British government. He has a graduate degree in business economics feom one of Britain’s leading business schools, Glasgow’s Strathclyde Business School. He graduated from the Faculty of Economics at the University of Indonesia, majoring in development studies and industrial economics. Affan was previously a lecturer at the School of Economics, University of Indonesia where teaches Industrial Economics and Economics of Public Policy.

He has also taught at the International Relations Dept. at Pelita Harapan University, and Faculty of Communication at Universitas Multimedia Nusantara. Prior to that, Affan worked for subsidiary of the Dai-Ichi Kangyo bank (now the Mizuho Financial Group) as a senior credit analyst dealing with corporate financing and debt restructuring. In his free time, Affan is an avid triathlete.


dr. reza maulana


Reza founded Royston Advisory and is the current Managing Partner. Reza is also the President Director of PT. Digivla Indonesia, an integrated media monitoring company that enriches technology with an embedded process of digitalizing 200+ print, electronic and online media throughout Indonesia since 2006. Digivla is a joint-operating company of Perum LKBN Antara, the state news agency, in operating media monitoring analytics services under the brand ‘Antara Insight’.

Prior to founding Royston in 2008, Reza was the Director for Indonesia in APCO Worldwide, a Washington DC-based investment consulting and public affairs firm. He has been involved in various projects, advised more than 100 clients ranging from government institutions, highly-regulated industries, state-owned companies as well as donor agencies operating in Indonesia and the region. He began his career as a business analyst at PT. Telkom Indonesia, where he was involved in advising the revised structure of the company’s joint operating scheme (KSO). He then worked for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, a global investment bank, based in London, as financial analyst in the Private Equity Group. Subsequent to that, Reza worked for Schlumberger as a Country Channel Manager for Indonesia.

Reza currently sits as the Vice Chairman of Bilateral Committee of Indonesia-Ukraine & CIS Countries in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN). Reza holds a doctorate degree in Strategic Marketing and Management from Universitas Padjadjaran, the same university where he obtained his undergraduate degree in accounting and economics. Reza also holds a master degree in Business Management from the Graduate School of Business, Strathclyde University, in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. He is also a lecturer in strategic marketing and PR management in Universitas Pelita Harapan and crisis management and PR campaign in Universitas Multimedia Nusantara.


abigail suntika

associate director

Abigail Sutika graduated as Valedictorian from Parahyangan Catholic University in 2012, majoring in International Relations. At University, she was assigned to represent the University in numerous competitions such as Harvard National Model United Nations and European Union Debating Competition in which she triumphed as the champion. Abigail also received a scholarship award from Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia where she spent a year of her Bachelor education

Prior to working for a Bali-based top law firm and the Safe Childhoods Foundation, Abigail Sutika interned at the Delegation of European Union to Indonesia where she was responsible for overseeing the press and public relations division. She then joined Royston as an Associate, eventually getting promoted to Senior Associate and now Associate Director. As an Associate Director at Royston Advisory, Abigail’s responsibility includes overseeing all projects assigned to the firm and ensuring clients are satisfied with the quality of work. Besides overseeing the quality of work from all associates and senior associates, she focuses her efforts on the firm’s highly regulated clients and public affairs issues.

Abigail’s strength lies in her ability to conduct in-depth research and analysis on Indonesia’s regulations, current issues, and media trends. She’s also trusted by various clients to formulate their grand communication plan as well as assisting them in their stakeholder outreach efforts.

Abigail is a certified Public Relations professional in Indonesia, after receiving her AMIPR (Associate Member of Indonesian Public Relations) by PERHUMAS Indonesia certification in 2018. She also currently holds a position in the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), as Secretary for the Bilateral Economic Committee for Indonesia-Ukraine and CIS Countries.


marsela stefanie

senior associate

Stefanie began her career as a communication lecturer at University of Multimedia Nusantara (Kompas Gramedia Group), where she also completed her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations and received the 2013 Honorary Best Graduate Award. During her studies, she was actively involved in a number of research projects; inter-personal communications, gender communications, intercultural communications, social movementConference on The Social Sciences, Sociology, and Globalization in Asia (COSGA) 2 in Hiroshima, Japan.

Stefanie holds a Master degree in Communication Management from University of Indonesia. She invests most of her times in Royston conducting strategic communication activities, media relations, and community outreach. Stefanie is also a volunteer in Kelas Inspirasi, a social movement activity that facilitates professionals from various backgrounds to participate and contribute to the mission of education improvement in Indonesia.

She co-founded and is a Public Relations Officer for Beta Peduli, which stands for ‘Bedah Perpustakaan Pemuda Peduli Lingkungan Indonesia’. It is a community focusing on revitalization of libraries, community development, and children’s education in Indonesia’s remote areas, such as East Lombok, Sumba Island, and West Papua. As per June 2019, Beta Peduli Indonesia has successfully set up 11 libraries for schools and special reading parks, and has supported over 1120 children. Stefanie is a certified Public Relations professional in Indonesia, after receiving her AMIPR (Associate Member of Indonesian Public Relations) by PERHUMAS Indonesia certification in 2018.


pandu dewanata

senior associate

Pandu received a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science (S.I.P) in early 2014 with a thesis titled “Securitization of Terrorism in the United States Post 9/11 Tragedy in 2001-2003”. Pandu Dewa Nata completed his degree within 3.5 years and was the fastest graduate in the Political Science Department of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in the University of Indonesia. Pandu has also completed his Master’s Degree in Communication Media at the Pelita Harapan University, Jakarta.

Prior to joining Royston Advisory as a consultant, Pandu worked in the Center of Election and Political Party (CEPP) collaborating with Secretariat General of the House of Representatives of the Indonesian Republic (DPR RI). Pandu was positioned as Technical Expert for DPR RI’s Public Relations. He carried out various programs, such as mass media analysis, National Legislation System transparency program, media training and coaching for reporters and the employees of Setjen DPR RI regarding political public relations, and routine hospitality programs between the management of DPR RI with various related policy stakeholders like mass media chief editors, management of the Provincial House of Representatives in Indonesia, academicians from Universities in the Jakarta Metropolitan and Bandung area, as well as religious leaders among others. The goal of the program was to increase accountability, transparency, and approach of DPR RI towards the public.

After receiving adequate experience in political public relations and government relations, Pandu continued his career as a Research Executive in a Qualitative Market Research agency, Eye to Eye. The focus of this qualitative market research in in the sector of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and other sectors like property. Several projects undertaken include research on the development of powdered chilli products from PT Nestle Indofood Cita Rasa Indonesia, research regarding the public’s perception towards a dairy product for breastfeeding mothers from PT Kalbe, research to increase competitive advantage of fast food products from PT Rekso Nasional Food, and research in property product development for PT Paramount Land.


taufan ayatullah

senior associate

Taufan joined Royston in 2014 as a Graphic Designer. Armed with a visual communication design degree from Persada Indonesia University, YAI Jakarta, Taufan has special expertise in creating designs that can be applied as infographics, videographics, memes, and book layouts.

As a Senior Associate, Taufan is also active in providing trainings and assisting clients to design visual communication products as required, including for Pertamina, Coordinating Ministry of Human Development and Cultural Affairs (Kemenko PMK), Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities Republic of Indonesia (SKK Migas), and Inspectorate General of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia.

Prior to joining Royston, Taufan worked as a Graphic Designer in PT Mitra Adiperkasa Tbk., where he designed communication materials for marketing and market education requirements. In 2013, Taufan pursued a new field as a video editor and graphic designer in Komtung TV, a TV Channel of the Indonesian Stand Up Comedy Community.


Arri Akbar


Arri Akbar currently serves as an Associate for PT Royston Advisory Indonesia, a well-known Indonesian public affairs consultancy that focuses on providing strategic communication services to clients – the majority of which belong to highly regulated industries.

His interest in world politics made him choose to study International Relations at Gadjah Mada University. Graduated in 2015, shortly after he joined Royston Advisory as an intern, before made into Associate in 2016.

For the past years, Arri have been working as a part of a consulting team on various client project, ranging from State Enterprise, FMCG, and highly regulated industry. He was responsible to provides research, assisting regulatory monitoring, arranging communication plans, and executing media events.


M. Iqbal w


Iqbal is a graduate from the Visual Communication Design Faculty, Persada Indonesia University, YAI Jakarta. During his studies, Iqbal was involved in the field of marketing and business development of pharmaceutical companies and medical devices, namely PT. Indofarma Global Medika. Post graduating from university, Iqbal pursued a new field as internal video editor at Sakti Media. After a year and armed with adequate experience, Iqbal began working at Komtung TV, a TV Channel/Production House of the Indonesian Stand Up Comedy Community

In 2014, Iqbal received an offer from PT. Ikonsultan Inovatama, a company engaged in business consultancy and IT. After contributing to the company for a year, Iqbal received a new challenge in the form of PT Royston Advisory, wherein he began working in 2015 until now.

Currently Iqbal is working on several projects from some of the largest accounts of PT. Royston Advisory Indonesia, including the Corruption Eradication Commission, Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Cultural Affairs, as well as PT Pertamina (Persero). In his work, he directly deals with clients and stakeholders and is responsible for designing projects for each account.




Vandana graduated magna cum laude from Universitas Pelita Harapan where she majored in Communications prior to joining Royston Advisory. As an associate at PT Royston Advisory Indonesia, Vandana Topandasani has worked for some of the firm’s biggest clients. Her focus especially lies on clients from highly-regulated industries.

In Royston, she invests most of her time conducting media monitoring, research, and stakeholder mapping activities. She has also created comprehensive social/digital media guidelines and spokespersons policies for Royston’s clients, as well as strategic media mapping reports. Her experience in varsity debating has enabled her to approach situations from multiple perspectives in order to come up with effective solutions.


Taufik Hidayat

Financial Controller

Taufik Hidayat currently serves as administrative staff for PT Royston Advisory Indonesia, a well-known Indonesian public affairs consultancy that focuses on providing strategic communication services to clients – the majority of which belong to highly regulated industries.

After graduating from Intitut STIAMI Depok with a degree in Tax Accounting, Taufik began his career as Accounting and Tax Staff at PT Sinergi Usaha Konsultama, an audit, tax and accounting company. Taufik then joined Royston Advisory in 2017 as an Accounting Officer, before getting promoted to Financial Controller in 2019.

At Royston, Taufik assists the management, associates, and the General Affairs department in their tasks relating to internal and external administration concerns.


Ella Romalah

General Affairs

Ella Romalah has served as administrative staff for PT Royston Advisory Indonesia, a well-known Indonesian public affairs consultancy that focuses on providing strategic communication services to clients – the majority of which belong to highly regulated industries – since 2011.

After graduating from Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Komunikasi Interstudi Jakarta with a degree in Public Relations, Ella began her career as an Account Executive in one of the largest TV stations in Indonesia (RCTI), before moving to PT IVM (Intitek Virtulindo Mandiri), a content provider, focusing on business development where she gained considerable experience.

At Royston, Ella assists the management, associates, and the financial controller in their tasks relating to internal and external administration concerns.

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